Solutions Through Partnerships 

How we collaborate with Indian partners
Relationship:  We work hand in hand with Indians who are committed to helping Indians.

Our vetting committee has been visiting and living amidst our target area, Ganeshpuri and the Tansa River Valley of Maharashtra,  for over eight years. We have interviewed, surveyed and identified the following problems that plague this population in poverty:  lack of clean safe water, lack of water hygiene education, poorly delivered education along with lack of family participation, malnutrition, lack of health awareness, no financial resources for higher education, no job opportunities for adult men and women, and lack of farming education.

TMA‘s goal  is to not only address the problems to those in need, but to do so through long-lasting projects implemented by excellent local partners in the countries where they work. We have discovered the existing NGOs that have been doing the challenging yet consistent social work in the area for years; they know the language and customs of the people; and they have mastered the terrain and logistical challenges of working there. They know the in-depth issues facing the communities,which approaches to education work best, and what techniques and strategies are suitable for their specific region.

We have met with these inspirational program directors and their staff and created a plan of collaboration and support. We select our partner organizations carefully based on a wide range of criteria. When we choose a partner, we ensure that their staff include social work experts, strong accountants, program evaluators to projects we fund on the ground.

TMA provides a necessary and vital component to its Indian partners, that of fundraising in the west and maintaining contact and relationships with the donors. TMA has the creative and technical ability along with volunteer staff to create and connect the donor membership with its Indian partners. The Indian partners then can focus their attention on the tasks and situations that they can best address and improve while TMA works on networking. Together, TMA, its donors, and its partners work together to “be the solution.”

Transparency and Compliance:  We work with Indians who are financially transparent and open to interaction with donors.

TMA’s donations must comply with the Indian “Foreign Contribution Registration Act” and do so by sending donations to Indian NGO’s that are thusly registered. TMA is in direct contact with its beneficiary partners and monitors the correct disbursement of gifts for approved projects.

Our partners agree to use this money for direct project costs, and limit the administrative expenses to 5%; this means 95% of your donation is used to purchase materials, build the projects and provide training for the local community to maintain the project. We ask that our donors be aware that these administrative needs cover the cost of office space, computers, phones, and internet that are needed to communicate, stationary, and all those day to day expenses that support the various social work projects.

We intend that our members are just as transformed by their participation in our programs as are our beneficiaries. Through our newsletters, social media, meetings, and travel, our members have the opportunity to learn about complexities of community development and grant making in an impoverished area of India. Members are invited to visit our partners during designated volunteer programs and witness first-hand how their kind donations are being used.

Regular Communication and Follow-Up 

Frequent communication and regular visits guarantee best results and greatest transparency. Our vetting committee continues to live full time in our target area monitoring the projects that TMA has identified for its participation. They stay abreast of continuing developments, needs of the communities and its residents,  and the effectiveness of each project.

The main focus of our “on the ground” TMA is to spread awareness and create accountability when it comes to our donors. We find and bring back stories of communities in need, and of the amazing work being done on the ground. We then work to raise money so that the work can continue and double, often triple in volume. We try and give a voice to the poor, bringing back their stories to the people here who have the ability to help. We then provide a direct way people can give, ensuring that their donation reaches those in need.


Our partners on the ground have spent years researching the terrain, learning and perfecting the skills of project building and integrating their work in the local culture. TMA relies on their experience and knowledge to ensure holistic aid programs. We choose to work with partners who already have a track record of exceptional work. Our know the language and customs of the people; and they have mastered the cultural and logistical challenges of working there. They know the in-depth issues facing the communities, which approaches to rural development, health, education, hygiene and sanitation that work best, and what strategies are suitable for their specific region.

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